Marketing Partnership


The plant breeder and Colour Gro in partnership, promote products on the vehicles, Colour Gro incorporates these into their catalogue with promotion focus work on these items.

The breeder receives a sales boost from Colour Gro plus benefits from large pictorial advertisements, continually travelling nationwide to most of the UK's top garden centres via the major road networks.

Colour Gro Marketing Space Diagram Colour Gro Articulated Vehicles

Approximate space available per trailer campaign is a total of 41.14m2, with specific design requirements available for discussion.

A fabulous marketing initiative - these vehicles are very striking, the designs always create a WOW factor. Our drivers report constant attention with photographs being taken regularly.

The Colour Gro Campaign

Of our initial campaigns, this was Colour Gro's own. With "Grow at Home" products especially prominent in the media at the moment, we sought to capitalise on the situation marketing our entire edible range.

The resultant hugely successful campaign had a high visual impact, summarising our entire range in one large, appealing image of fresh fruit and vegetables in a trug basket.

Colour Gro Campaign Panel
Colour Gro Campaign

The Moerheim Campaign

The second of our first two campaigns was run by Moerheim, marketing their Suntory collection.

High colour impact was the main focus for this campaign, effectively demonstrating the bewildering array of shades, tones and colours to be found in the collection.

The design consisted of four 4.49m x 2.42m images, two on each side of the trailer.

Moerheim Campaign
Moerheim Campaign

The Selecta Campaign

For Christmas 2009, our third campaign was run by Selecta.

The design is based from their advertisement campaign for their Christmas Eve Poinsettia. A large 8.5m by 2.42m section on each side is devoted to a huge poinsettia; detailing the deep, rich reds in vivid bold colour.

Selecta Campaign Panel
Selecta Campaign

The Moerheim Campaign 2

For 2010 Moerheim rebranded and updated their design.

The design consisted of four 4.49m x 2.42m close-up images, two on each side of the trailer with smaller inset images showing the habit of the individual products on display.

Moeheim Campaign Panel Nearside
Moerheim Campaign Panel Offside

The Kernock Plants Campaign

Our fifth campaign was run by Kernock Park Plants and their Proven Winners range consisting of large cut-out images spanning the length on either side of the trailer.

The design and layout was set up to match their current advertising scheme.

Kernock Plants Campaign Panel Nearside
kernock Plants Campaign Panel Offside

The Moerheim Campaign 3

Our new design for Moerheim consisted of two large images either side of the trailer with a zoomed out inset image showing the plant habit.

This campaign added the new Crackling Fire range to the Suntory Collection already running.

Kernock Plants Campaign Panel Nearside
kernock Plants Campaign Panel Offside